Remote Vibroacoustic surveillance of trees and wooden structures against borers

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TVB V3: Automated Remote Vibroacoustic monitoring of trees against borers


Listening to the trees: We introduce a remotely controlled device that records and wirelessly transmits on a scheduled basis, short recordings of the internal vibrations of a tree to a server.

The new TVB V3 is automated. It processes the recordings and transmits the counts of detected impulses due to borers' activity. You can decide if a tree is infested just by looking at the chart of internal vibrational activity.

NEW FEATURES: a) The SIM card is accessible externally and can be replaced with your local SIM card. b) The sampling frequency can go up to 32kHz. c) Embedded Wi-Fi allows endless transmission from the lab without data consumption. d) Robust, automatic characterization of the infestation status. e) 50% DISCOUNT

Included: 2 drill bits, 2 adapters for drill bits that also function as waveguides, 2 independent waveguides, earphones, a device. 

We also provide a touch prove so that one does not drill (e.g. for timber evaluation).

Targeted pests: All borers including Xylotrechus chinensis, Rhynchophorus ferrugineus (Red palm weevil), mountain bark beetle, Rhynchophorus palmarum, Aromia bungii (Red necked longicorn), Anoplophora glabripennis (Asian longhorn beetle) and Anoplophora chinensis (Citrus longhorn beetle).