Electronic funnel trap (E-funnel trap)

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Electronic funnel trap (E-funnel trap)


A funnel trap that counts and transmits the number of captured moths (Lepidoptera). It is used in conjunction with pheromones. MINIMUM ORDER is 5 pieces.

Pests fly around the pheromone dispenser until they are exhausted. Once they fall through the funnel they interrupt the flow of light from emitter to receiver and thus are counted. The user can set the expected size of the targeted insect through its account in the Insectronics server.

The pack includes a funnel trap, the optical counter and the power cable to charge its internal rechargeable battery. The device has an embedded communication modem, a GPS and an SD card. It is compact, weatherproof and fits to a common funnel traps without any need to modify the trap.

All information is available on the server that also includes a map. 

The trap has a GPS and a battery and lasts up to 30 weeks with a single charge.

Targeted pests: All Lepidoptera with available pheromones (cotton, grapes, olives, tomato, peaches etc): Lobesia botrana, Tuta absoluta, Prays oleae, Helicoverpa armigera, Pectinophora gossypiella, Grapholita molesta, Adoxophyes orana