The Woodoscope

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The Woodoscope is a piezoelectric probe with a USB cable 



The Woodoscope is a piezoelectric probe that senses vibrations. It does not penetrate the wooden surface (i.e., is not invasive) and, therefore, it is ideal for assessing the state and value of timber as it only touches a surface. It is a plug and play cable that connects to the USB input of a laptop or to the micro-USB input of a mobile phone. It is like a stethoscope but for wooden structures that cannot be drilled (i.e. timber, wooden floors, wooden frames in museums, furniture, porches).

Once connected to a laptop or  a mobile phone you need an application that records through the USB port and analyzes audio (this is not provided).

It is meant to record vibrations originating from wood-boring insects, but, it can also be used to record vibrations on any surface in the range of 0-8kHz (e.g. vibes originating from moving parts of a machine).